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Abortion Free Community Project


Abortion Free Community Project is creating a team of prolife pastors, doctors, lawyers, pregnancy care centers and activists that will work together to make our communities abortion free. Help us and be a part of peacefully and legally closing abortion clinics. All pro-life leaders and any concerned prolifers.V

Gary Cass (02-27-22 5PM): "We want to make North County SD a sanctuary for babies."

Troy Newman (02-27-22 5:18PM): "We can't participate in a baby-killing culture - it's demonic... Resist the devil and he will flee from you. It's time we resist [peacefully]... 1st, you pray in faith that God will do this... it's all God."

Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time -

To download the abreviated version of Abortion Free Community Project in PDF format, click here. Tops 5,000 Document Uploads, Becoming the Largest Online Depository of Abortion Records -

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Next Meeting...
Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 27th at 5:00-6:30. Please, invite your Pro-Life friends and family.