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About Infusion Christian Preschool


Infusion Christian Preschool has its roots dating back to 1971, and was known as Community Reformed Church (CRC) Preschool through 2010. A new Reformed church plant, named "Infusion" was launched in 2009, and Infusion Christian Preschool's journey to present-day, followed shortly thereafter. Motivated by a desire to see families in North County have a loving, safe place for their children to learn and grow, Infusion Church began renovations to improve the preschool facilities; including remodeling the classrooms, adding safety features to our property and playground area and building a child's gardening area.


Infusion Christian Preschool is set apart from other preschools because it is truly an infusion of the best early childhood education philosophies. We have brought together traditional teacher-directed Phonics and Bible lessons with hands-on exploration centers; all in soothing, nature infused classrooms to create a unique preschool experience second to none!


Our center is located on one of the largest church properties in Escondido. Our lush and beautiful landscape includes dozens of citrus trees, natural shaded play center - where we see lizards, an assortment of birds, and butterflies. We also have a waterfall and an outdoor amphitheater perfect for chapels and class meetings. Our spacious classrooms are soothing and filled with natural elements. We have designed our center to be clean, calming, comfortable and cheerful. Schedule a tour today! Call 760-746-5030.


Our Philosophy

Christ-Centered - Community Focused

We believe each child is a unique child of God created in His image. It is our focus to introduce our students to the love of their Heavenly Father through a loving and nurturing environment learning about the world He created. As God has loved us, we want the families to feel our love and support.


Child-Led Approach

Every child is an active participant in learning, a capable creator and investigator. Children can construct and prove their own theories about the world and, to a certain degree, control their education. Our variable and flexible study program follows prevalent children’s interests.


Team Communication

Children are always eager to connect and interact with each other. For them, it is a unique way to build awareness and understanding among all the participants of study activities.


’The Hundred Languages’

Even the greatest thinkers of humankind were often inspired by an unlimited potential of children creativity. ‘The hundred languages’ alludes to the countless ways in which children express themselves: painting and drawing, dance and music, sculpting and modeling, play pretend and acting, and many more. We appreciate and respect the potential of all children, and their right to express it.


Environment as The Third Teacher

Both teachers and parents should not forget that kids get most of their information about the world from their own experience when they look, touch, listen to, and manipulate objects. This is the reason why the environment is called ‘the third teacher’. We offer indoor and outdoor environment with natural light, an edible garden, authentic and organic materials, and a wide range of creative tools.


Documentation and Children Portfolios

Careful documentation of children’s activities helps us track the process of their development. It also provides insights into their learning process supported by a number of means, including journals, transcripts, photographs and video footage. At Infusion Christian Preschool, we bring not only visualization of learning, but also unforgettable childhood memories.