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Men's Feast, Fellowship & Fix

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October 23, 2021

9:00am – 12:00pm

Location: 777 W Felicita Ave, Escondido, CA 92025

Category: Men's Ministry | Coordinator: David Johnson

Calling all Infusion Church men...

Join us for a time of..

  • Feasting (a hardy breakfast)
  • Fellowship (foster and strengthen personal relationships with others & a short devotional)
  • Fix (perform some grounds and facility maintenance - get it ready for the open house the next day)

Here is a tentative schedule.

  • 8:00AM – 9:00AM - setup
  • 9:00AM – 9:45AM - men's breakfast at Infusion in the Café
    • Foster new and strengthen existing personal relationships
  • 9:45AM – 10:00AM - A 15 minute devotional led by Charles Stanley
  • 10:00 – noon (or 1PM if you can make it) - Work parties directed by John Estrel

"Fix" work party tasks...

Fix Description  Team of # people  Tools & Supplies
by Infusion by volunteers
Foreign Object Damage walk the field – 30 minutes
  • Walk arms-length apart and pick up debris that would otherwise damage the lawn mower.
  • Smooth out ground holes and ridges for mowing
1st task
Rakes and shovels Rakes & Shovels
Exterior Painting – 1.5 hrs.
  • Scrape pealing paint and repair areas
  • Paint inside facia board (half way down the preschool walk way)
 3 Rollers
8 ft step ladders
Drop clothe
 Drop Cloth
Garden Weeding behind memorial wall/pre-school – 1.5 hrs.
  • General weeding
  • Dispose of greens in dumpster 
 3   Garden gloves
Pruning shears
Power wash front concrete – ?? hrs.
  • Breeze-way and front patio
  • Focus on areas that are stained and have paint drips
 2  Power washer  
Spread wood (or rubber) chips on the preschool play yard – 1.5 hrs
  • Wheel barrel wood/rubber chips into play area
  • Distribute evenly
  • Rake smooth
 4 Wood chips
Wheel barrel (only got one)
Rakes & Shovels
Wheel barrel
Rakes & Shovels
Caulking outside stain glass window & Rear Sanctuary overhang – 1 hr.
  • Remove lose or cracked caulk
  • Apply new caulk making sure caulk adheres to stone and mortar joints
  • Remove rocks from Pre-School Roof – 10 minutes
 2 (3) DAPDYNAFLEX Ultra caulk tubes
Folding Ladder
Caulk guns
Tools to clean out old caulking (Needle nose pliers & old screw driver)
Replace Café burned out or missing bulbs – 30 min.
  • Replace burned out or missing bulbs
  • Clean exterior area of light fixtures as required
 2 (4) MR16
(2) MR 11 (led)
(2) flood
6 ft step ladder
Interior Café hand rail & Exterior Vertical Support column – 1.5 hrs
  • Scrape and remove lose paint
  • Prime paint with brush
  • Finish paint
 2 Drop Cloth
Sand paper
Paint Brush
Primer & Paint
 Drop Cloth

We will also discuss some larger & longer term "FIX" items that will require a more dedicated task force.

Special thanks and recognition to Jon Sheeder, Charles Stanley, and John Estrel for making all this possible.