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Gospel DNA

In addition to joining a Crowded House, we encourage every member of Infusion Church to be a part of a gospel DNA group. Each DNA group consists of three or four people - men with men, women with women - who meet together weekly for the purpose of discipling, nurturing, and holding one another accountable — all with the goal of becoming more like Jesus.

This program is temporarily suspended. Check back frequently for updates.

If you would like to join a Gospel DNA group at Infusion Church, click here to sign up.

Below you will find a list of approved resources your DNA can work through together.


(mandatory for all new DNAs) - choose one:
- Gospel DNA
     - Leader's Guide
     - Participant's Guide
- Gospel-Centered Life
     - Leader's Guide
     - Participant's Guide
    (*The church secretary can make copies, if needed. Only the leader really needs a guide.)

Audio & Video Resources:

(mandatory for DNA leaders, optional for participants)
     - Sermon on bringing sin into the light, by Tim Cain
     - Sermon on the dangers of not confessing sin, by Matt Ortiz
     - DNA Leaders Training session with Wes Van Fleet

Continuing (optional):

     - Prone to Wander
     - Anything by Jen Wilkin (for Women)
     - Knowing the Bible series by Crossway Books
     - A book of the Bible
     - Whichever of the introductory curricula you didn't already go through
     - Gospel Eldership (Downloadable PDF)
     - Gospel Fluency (Workbook)

The mandatory resources and the Jen Wilkin resources can be copied without legal repercussions.