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     At Infusion Church, we are on mission to “lead people to and through a life changing relationship with Jesus and his family for the glory of God”. One of the most effective ways, we believe, in accomplishing this mission is to invest our energy and resources into the growth and replication of our small group meetings called "Crowded Houses".

What are “Crowded Houses”?

     “Crowded Houses” are Infusion Church’s small group ministry. It’s where much of “church life” happens. While every Crowded House is unique, all of them have some general features and goals:

  • Gather weekly for the purpose of loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighbor
  • Discuss and apply questions from Sunday’s sermon
  • Talk through and live out life’s joys and trials together
  • Pray for one another and meet one another’s needs
  • Build relationships with others in the Infusion Community
  • Collaborate to share the gospel and serve the community in Escondido or the surrounding area
  • Share a meal or snack together (each Crowded House is different)
  • Note: As we grow, we expect that specialty groups will form to focus on a particular need or topic – new to Infusion, new to faith, financial stewardship, book studies – are but a few of the possibilities.

How do they work?

  • Everyone who might be interested is asked to sign-up for their Crowded House prior to the start of each quarter (see dates below); this is meant to help the hosts and leaders better plan for their Crowded House gathering. Also, it encourages a greater level of commitment and accountability for all members of the group.
  • Crowded Houses meet for increments (“quarters”) of ten weeks, throughout the course of the year, with breaks in between (see Crowded House Schedule below).
  • At the end of the quarter, you are free to sign-up for a new Crowded House if you like, renew membership in your current Crowded House, or take a break – it’s up to you!
  • Most Crowded Houses will aim to organize one social gathering and one community outreach/evangelism event per quarter.

Crowded House Schedule: 

  • Fall Quarter
  • Winter Quarter
  • Spring Quarter
  • Summer Quarter
    - During the summer, groups will not meet regularly, although they may choose to do so.
    - However, it is recommended that each group have at least one social gathering (barbecue, beach trip, dinner and a movie, Padres game, etc.) and at least one outreach (bring food and clothing to the homeless shelter, write letters to the prisoners, etc.) to build community and share the love of Christ throughout the summer.

How do I sign up?

     You can either sign-up at the "Crowded House booth" after services during the weeks its mentioned at service, or complete THIS FORM online. If you are already a member of a Crowded House, we still ask that you sign-up during the weeks it's announced so that Crowded House hosts and leaders can plan effectively. You may also sign-up by attending the first meeting of your Crowded House for each quarter.

For more information contact:
Tom Wing –
Tom Le Vine –

Here's a list of all our Crowded House locations... 



Escondido East

Address: Please contact Leader for address
Time: Every other Tuesday (during each quarter) - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Host: Tom & Julia Wing
Leader: Josh Cass
Description: Sermon-based discussion or study material, light refreshments.

Escondido North (Country Club Area)

Address: 2379 Amber Lane Escondido, CA 92026
Time: Every Friday (during each quarter) - 9:00 - 11:00am
Leader: Jill Cannon,
Phone: (760)746-2586
Description: Discussion. No child care available.



Address: 1425 Marshall Street, Oceanside, CA 92054
Time: Every Tuesday (during each quarter) - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Leaders: James & Kristina Long,
Co-Leader: Tom & Dawn LeVine,
Description: “Gospel Fluency” (book), light refreshments.