IMPORTANT: WE'RE OPEN!!! Come join us as we worship King Jesus, Sundays @ 10:30am. 

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Sundays - Infusion Kids


At Infusion Kids, we are committed to partnering with families for the purpose of discipling children to and through a life changing relationship with Jesus. We love our children and want them to learn in a safe and loving environment. 

For infints and toddlers ...

Parents may choose to either:

  • Keep their children in the sanctuary throughout the service, or
  • Go to the nursery with their children, or
  • Accompany their children at Kid's church (below).

For walking toddlers through kindergarden-age (Kids Church) ...

This program is for walking toddlers through kindergarten-age children. Here are some things you will want to know:

  • Parents of participating children will sign-up prior to service. 
  • All children will be part of the main service until just before the sermon. Please make sure your child is ready to go to the classroom with the teachers when dismissed after worship. You are welcome to escort your child to the classroom.
  • The children will be hearing a Bible-based lesson and participating in fun activities. Be sure to ask what he or she learned.
  • If your child is having any difficulty, one of the teachers will text your cell phone. Please have your silenced phone where you can check it from time to time during the service.
  • If you elected to have your child returned to the sanctuary for communion, please come to the lobby with your check in card during the silent meditation time.
  • If you elected to pick up your child after service, please come directly to the pre-school classroom as soon as reasonable after service.

For 1st grade and above ...

Children are expected to remain in the sancturary with their parents throughout the service. A children's version of the sermon notes are available.

      Before the start of every worship gathering, an Infusion Kids’ table will be set up. At this table you can find out more about our kids programs, as well as check-in your children. Our check-in and check-out process requires an adult to be present. We also welcome infants and their families to the main worship gathering. For convenience, there is a live feed of the worship gathering in the foyer and café for mothers of crying and nursing infants.

At this time, Infusion Kid’s gathers only at our 10:30 service.

Infusion Kids breaks up into the following three classes:?

Nursery: Birth - 2 Year Olds:

  • Playtime
  • Worship Music
  • Bible Stories
  • Snacks Provided

Preschool/Toddlers: 2 Year Olds - 5 Year Olds:

  • Playtime
  • Introduction to Biblical Truths Through Stories and Illustrations
  • Discussion and Prayer
  • Snacks Provided

K-5: Kindergarten - 5th Grade:

  • Continued building of Biblical vocabulary and worldview, as well as knowledge of the Bible.
  • Kids are challenged to study the Word directly, dig into the implications of the work of Jesus, and to consider how to practically apply all that the Bible teaches.
  • Individual and group activities are used to give the kids the chance to connect what they are learning with personal experience.
  • Prayer and small group discussion is an integral part of this classroom.

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