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Preschool Classes


Preschool Classes

      Infusion Christian Preschool is dedicated to equipping our students spiritually, academically, socially and physically. We believe in building a solid foundation of early learning and have chosen award-winning curriculum for each age group. Children 2-5 years old will learn new skills daily through teaching and exploration of: Phonics, Science, Math, Art, Music & Movement. We use Abeka curriculum for our “Learn-to-Read” program and The Gospel Project Bible curriculum to round out our hands on math manipulative and science exploration centers. Children do not have to be potty trained to attend our 2 year class.

Seedlings - 2 year old classroom


Sprigs - 3 year old classroom


Sprouts - 4 year old classroom


A sample day at Infusion Christian Preschool:

Early literacy instruction through activities such as phonics lessons, circle time, dramatic play, books and reading.

Mathematics instruction through activities and manipulatives such as patterns, blocks, geo shapes, puzzles and number sense.

Science instruction with activities geared toward both physical science and natural science though magnets, water, measurements, gardening and experiments.

Artistic instruction with activities designed to let their imaginations take flight through dramatic play, coloring, painting, clay molding, art projects and crafts.

Motor skill development with activities designed to enhance small and gross motor skills through the use of play dough, manipulatives, writing, games, dancing and daily use of the fully fenced, age appropriate play-ground.

Bible instruction will be woven throughout all of curriculum and provide inspiration for all of our academic areas of learning as well as be emphasized daily through Bible readings, lessons, stories, songs and prayer through our Bible curriculum.