IMPORTANT: WE'RE OPEN!!! Come join us as we worship King Jesus, Sundays @ 10:30am. 

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Who We Are

Infusion Church in Escondido, California exists as a community of believers called to “glorify God as we lead people to and through a life changing relationship with Jesus and His family.” It is a church marked by three distinctives: first, it is a gospel-centered church that confesses Christ as the pinnacle of God’s work of redemption, in whom salvation is given by grace alone through faith alone; second, it is a missional church convicted of its calling to serve the community as a representative of Christ – intentionally praying for and loving the community in order that the culture and people be transformed by the truth and love of Christ; third, it is a grace renewal church that proclaims new life and transformation for all who believe.

We are a Gospel-centered, grace-renewal, and missional church.

A Gospel-Centered Church:
The Gospel is the central theme of the Bible. All scripture points to the suffering and glory of Christ. It's the story of how God fulfills his promise to deliver his people and advance his Kingdom. This Good News has power for both non-believers and believers. We become Christians and grow as Christians by grace through faith in Jesus.

A Grace-Renewal Church:
We believe that the Gospel can change anyone. Who Christ is and what he has done transforms our hearts, not just our behavior. We're not called to be "nice" people, we're called to be a new people. It's the grace of Christ that renews us and gives us a desire to see that same grace renew the world.

A Missional Church:
Jesus said, "(Father), as you have sent me into the world. I have sent them into the world." Being a missional church means that, together, we are the sent people of God who reflect and advance his Kingdom of grace by the power of the Gospel. We love our city and pray that our people and culture are transformed by the truth and love of Christ.